What to Look For in Your Child’s Self-Esteem

self-esteem in children

What to Look For in Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Your child’s self-esteem matters

Healthy self-esteem is essential for everyone, especially children. Let’s be real, it takes a lot of confidence to be a kid. With it being starting a new school or trying out for the soccer team- being a kid can be difficult. This is one reason why self-esteem is so important. For children, self esteem and confidence is similar to armor- protecting them from the numerous challenges of life. Obtaining a healthy amount of self confidence makes it easier for children to face conflict and challenges, as well as opens their eyes to the world and new possibilities.

But how do we build self-confidence, or help our child develop self-esteem? The act of building confidence starts at an early age. This includes a child taking their first step, taking those first independent strides on their bike, or stepping onto the school bus for the first time. Primary caregivers praise children on their strengths and special qualities, and children begin to learn from their interactions with others and in the end those primary caregivers shape their confidence.

Parents and caregivers can help build their child’s confidence by giving them the opportunity to learn and try new things- while praising their children in the process. When your child develops a new skill, it is important to show interest and be excited with them! Encouragement and praise are key!

Here are some essential elements for children, and ways for caregivers to assist in healthy self esteem:

-Positive Coping Strategies
-Positive Modeling

Signs of Unhealthy Self Esteem:

-“I’m stupid”
-“I’ll never get it”
-“What does it even matter?”
-“There is no point in trying”
-Any type of negative self talk

Signs of Healthy Self Esteem:

-“I can do it!”
-“I am trying my best”
-Confident in making decisions
-More resilient
-Realistic expectations

Special reminders about self-esteem:

-Self-esteem is important for healthy development
-Children are not born with self-esteem
-Self-esteem is learned- which means it CAN be changed
-Caregivers: take care of your own self-esteem

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