What is My Intention?

What is My Intention?

What is My Intention?

In a time where we are stuck at home and may be unsure about our financial situation or our health, it can feel very challenging to determine how to create purpose for our days.  In this blog, we are going to discuss what it means to set an intention to create more meaningful purpose in your day and the days ahead.

What is an Intention?  

An intention can be a mindset we integrate into the things we do each day, it can be an affirmation, and can bring attention to a specific virtue we want to cultivate for ourselves.  How is an intention different from a goal? A goal is something we want to accomplish and work on specifically. However, an intention is how we want to view things in a day and what type of mindset we want to adapt.  Think about this metaphor; when we post a picture and apply a filter , the picture itself is our goal or thing we did and the filter we use is our intention.  It is the lens in which we are viewing or focusing on what we want to do and how we want to think. 

Some Examples of Intentions:

In yoga practice, creating an intention and purpose is used to ground oneself and to meditate on during the practice.  We can adapt this practice to our lives by creating an intentional mindset each morning to focus on. At the end of the day, we can check in to see how it went and what we can strive to do the following day.  

Many people also like to journal about their intentions. Maybe your intention has to do with how you want to view yourself in a day: “I am loved, I am strong, I can get through this, I want to slow down, Invite non-judgmental thoughts  to yourself, and I am at peace” etc. Other examples can be how you want to support others: “Bring peace to…, support…, encourage…, and create connection with…,” etc.  You can also focus on your body: “I am flexible, I am who I am, I notice how my body feels, and I am relaxed” etc.  Other focuses can be on nature: “Nature is around me, nature brings peace, and the earth will provide what I need,” etc. 

 The Takeaway: Positivity, One Intention at a Time

Thoughts are powerful and if we can try to change and cultivate more meaningful positive thoughts, through our intentions, it can affect our overall mood and we can gain increased control of our mind.   Positive thoughts can help break down negative thoughts about ourselves that we have been told by others, the media, or our own minds. 

During this time of COVID-19, where days can blur together and hope can be lost, this moment can give us an area to focus on  what is supportive, and ways to better ourselves and our thoughts. This can help us to instill new hope for ourselves and others each day.  

If you find that you are needing support with COVID-19 or other mental health issues, please call to schedule a session with a counselor at 303-353-9226.  We are here for you!