*Community Events :

-Minute To Win It Family Event

Date Night was a huge success. We had many couples enjoying each others company and learning more about one another. :

Below are photos throughout the night while people were playing the Newlywed game.

Below are photos of the top three couples who won the game. The very last photo is of the entire group. What a great bunch of people!

Look at what people are saying about Date Night :

“I had a great time. This was the most enlightening fun time my husband and I have ever had in public. We would definitely come to another event put on by At Peace Therapy Centers and Brightside Counseling Services. And we will be happy to support them in getting others to their events. We loved the groups interactions and that chance to win great prizes.”- Sandy

“Super Fun! Great Idea! Thanks for putting it together” – Kim

“Such a clever idea! We had so much fun connecting with each other and the community. The giveaways were super great! Thank you for organizing his event and we look forward to attending the next gathering. Everything was well organized and the food was wonderful as well!- Pamela

“We had a great time! The prizes were great and the food was also really good! – Stacy

“We had so much fun tonight. It reminded me that there is more to learn about each other-that makes relationships fun! Great Prizes. Great atmosphere! Thank You! – C & O

“Exhilarating, fun, enlightening and great! -Joyce

“We had such a great time! Very entertaining! – Mike

“So much fun! We loved every minute of it! – Christina

“This was a lot of fun with potential to find out more things about your partner that you many not have known before.”-Gloria

“Good Fun, good people. A different way to spend a Saturday Night!” – John

“I thought it was a great activity to go do together.” – Megan

“It was well organized with delicious food. The game was also fun and insightful.”-Sara

“Had a lot of fun. Will come again and invite others to come.” – John