Brightside Counseling Services participated in the 9News Health Fair!

Brightside Counseling Services participated in the 9News Health Fair!

A little background about the 9News Health Fair:

Each spring and fall, Colorado 9News sponsors and hosts events across Colorado to improve the health of Coloradans. Affordable and convenient services are offered all in one place in various locations to provide screenings that can lead to monitoring and maintenance of one’s current health status or even help with early diagnosis of a health condition. This is truly a gift to the citizens of our beautiful and wonderful state!

What Brightside did:

Two Brightside counselors, Anastasia Canfield and Sarah Richards, volunteered at the 9Health Fair in Fort Collins this May. Anastasia was in charge of directing registrants to their screenings and answering questions about various services offered at the fair. Sarah graciously offered stress and anxiety screenings to help Coloradans learn about their mental health status which can impact virtually every other aspect of health.

How do I learn more about 9Health?:

More information can be found at the 9Health Fair Website. Future fairs will take place this fall in various large cities across Colorado including, but not limited to: Fort Collins and Denver!

On behalf of Brightside Counseling Services, we look forward to seeing you in the fall!