What Do We Do?

In today’s modern work almost every individual is battling mental conflicts. These mental conflicts may be invisible but the negative effect of them on our life becomes very visible over time.

As advocates of mental well-being in Denver Co, we want to normalize counseling programs among all generations. Brightside Counseling Services is a team of professionals who have expertise in the multitudes of therapy and mental health being. We are located in Denver, Colorado and our primary aim is to provide affordable counseling to people who struggle with issues like communication, trauma, and conflicts in the adolescent stage, and marriage along with providing therapy for common mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. We have different and extensive counseling programs that cover the range of mild to severe issues that produce obstacles in your day to day life. Our psychologists are well trained to be emphatic and professional at the same time.

Our Commitment to You

As you sign out for counseling programs we become committed to working towards your mental health being. As a counseling center, we respect our customer's past and present and are highly sensitive to our behaviors. We are committed to providing you a safe and trusted place for counseling services in Colorado so you can practice complete transparency about your conflicts and you feel about those.

Each Counseling Services plan and strategy will be explained to you once the problem is recognized. We always open and committed to helping our customers.

Benefits of choosing Brightside Counseling Services?

Our psychologists are highly trained and emphatic at the same time. We treat our clients with the utmost respect regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and race

We have a strict policy for our psychologist against expressing subjective judgment and comments relating to our clients. Any team member with such behavior will be subsequently removed.

The personal information that we attain through our Counseling Programs with clients is guarded by the medical regulation code in Denver, Colorado. This means that all sessions are confidential and the information sharing outside the premises is forbidden.

We believe that everyone has an equal right to mental well-being. Hence we provide the most Affordable Counseling in Colorado.

Brightside team expertise is vast. Through our team of specialized psychologists, we can provide several kinds of therapies including (but not limited to) adolescents, marriage, PTSD, anxiety, depression, group counseling among others.

Why Choose Therapy at a Counseling Center?

Scientific studies have shown empirical benefits of mental health counseling and therapy on an individual's health. The therapy helps people unwind past traumas, help manage stress, anxiety, depression, and many other mental conflicts. Through therapy, an individual tends to learn new coping mechanisms that have a healthy impact on the cognitive process. Through Counseling Programs you can achieve mental and physical health along with professional productivity. A therapist also helps you eliminate any self-doubts, and hatred you might be feeling. Therapy and Counseling organize your thoughts in the right compartments of mind.

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